About Laura

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Who Am I

I have over 35 years of business experience in the restaurant and real estate industry. I have been recognized as Hispanic Business Woman of the Year and have won numerous awards throughout my lifetime. I have an MBA from Pepperdine University. I have been asked to be a motivational speakers often to share my success story. I have achieved great success in my life. I have also rebounded strongly from moments when my endeavors did not turn out like I hoped.

What I Do

I will help you assess your business situation and recommend the immediate steps that need to be taken to alleviate/remediate/stabilize the most urgent/pressing/demanding concerns.
I will then perform a detailed review and analysis of your overall/big-picture objectives and challenges.
I will help your organization develop a robust Plan of Action that ensures your organization will be successful.

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Areas of Expertise

Business Reorganization
Turning around situations
Distressed Property Workouts
Debt Restructuring
Asset Protection Strategies and Litigation Planning
Real Estate Development
Financing Strategies
All aspects of franchising