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I can save you time and money, help you with complex and sensitive business issues, and help you navigate changing/dynamic workloads.  I have the industry experience to help you in every aspect of your business.


Starting a business can be a challenging process. I will help you build your business from inception to operational formation, including the following:

  1. Developing a vision and mission
  2. Defining unambiguous strategic objectives
  3. Incorporating your company under the right business structure
  4. Developing a winning business plan
  5. Securing the right financing strategy


If you are ready to close or sell your business, I can help you to develop an exit strategy.  I can devise a far-reaching marketing plan, find the right broker, present the financial package in the best possible light, and set up the business to sell.  If you prefer to close the business, I can help minimize the financial impact of all of the steps that need to be taken to close your business.


Being able to look at the big picture is critical to developing a strong and effective Strategic Plan.  I can help you to carry out an in-depth analysis of your business performance and ongoing opportunities.  I can then help put a strategic plan in place to realize your company’s business objectives.


I am the right person to call in a crisis.  No matter what your challenges may be, I can help you turn it around.  I strongly believe that every problem has a solution.  I will work with you and your company to turn difficult situations into successful operations.


I can help you analyze your existing debt and find the best possible options to restructure your debt and set your company on strong ground.  I can help you prepare your business to obtain the adequate financing for your business goals.  I can help you perform the necessary detailed financial analysis required to ensure that your company will move forward with a successful financing strategy.


I can help you analyze your existing business structure to guarantee that your assets are well protected.  I can ensure that your companies have the right legal structure to protect your business and personal assets from creditors.


If you find yourself in a situation where you need to stand up for your rights and bring forth a business lawsuit or you are being sued unjustly, I can help you think strategically about the best plan of attack to come out on the winning side.


I have built 18 restaurants from the ground up. I can help you find the right location, find the right contractors and subcontractors and find a way to minimize the build out costs.


I can help you analyze any franchising business.  I have worked extensively in the franchising industry for over 30 years.  I can help you review franchising agreements and ensure that you take all of the necessary steps to build and secure a successful franchise business.


I can help you to systematically evaluate the due diligence review of any deal that you may be undertaking.


I am the best person to call in a crisis.  Throughout my professional career, I have faced numerous and diverse high risk obstacles and have demonstrated an amazing ability to remain calm/serene/unflustered and work systematically through the challenging issues.  I will help you to restore calm to the chaos and help you to intelligently mitigate the crisis no matter how difficult/overwhelming/overbearing it may seem. Where there is a will there is a way.


I would be happy to be a keynote speaker for any of your events.  I have a great inspirational story to tell that can be adapted to any audience.



You want to ...

I can help upstart your business from inception to conception. I can assist you in developing a strong business plan, build the right business structure, and ensure you have a strong financial plan.


I can help you turn around an under performing business or find resolutions to a difficult situation. I believe that every problem has a solution. 
I will work with you on a solid exit strategy. I will help you market your business to optimize its value on a sale.

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